The internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.

- Jon Stewart
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On the surface, the need for professional social media management in a political campaign may seem unnecessary. But managing social media accounts over multiple platforms, and doing it properly, is far more time-consuming than you might think.

It started with a simple request from a fellow elected official: “Show me how you do what you do.” At Perpetual Fortitude, our experts have been at the front of using social media in political campaigns since Mark Zuckerberg was still hanging out with the Winklevoss twins. Well-known as early-adopters of using social media for political campaigns, our methods and techniques helped spark the political ascent of more than a few prominent elected officials.

Along the way, we have learned many lessons, more than a few of them learned the hard way, about the slings and arrows of social media in political campaigns. Our goal at Perpetual Fortitude is to help the leaders of tomorrow benefit from our experience in social media management and strategy.

We know which platforms hit which audiences, and which to avoid altogether, as well as what kinds of content will generate the highest levels of voter engagement. Our unique content strategy is a proven roadmap for success, and we are continually adjusting to meet the ever-changing social media landscape. We’d love to tell you more here, but we’re not about to give out the recipe for our “special sauce.”

By utilizing professional social media management, you are also building a safety net to prevent the sort of unforced social media blunders that can sink a campaign. We know where the lines are, and we will make sure your social media content stays on the right side of those lines. At the same time, we know how to make your social media interesting enough to spur organic engagement. Too many campaigns suffer from a severe case of social media narcolepsy- content so dull, it puts everyone to sleep.

Our team uses cutting-edge tools to create social media content that is visually striking, very engaging, and highly professional. We take the business of making you look good very seriously.

In addition to content, we heavily focus on building an engaged audience from the very beginning of the campaign. Again, we’re not going to give away our secret sauce here, but there is a method to our madness. Our approach sets us apart from nearly all of our competitors, and the results speak for themselves. When you hire Perpetual Fortitude, you are investing in a social media strategy that will carry you through your entire political career.

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