It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

- Salvatore Tessio, The Godfather
Salvatore Tessio
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There is a moment in nearly every political campaign when you have a piece of information that you desperately want to get out to the voters, but don’t want it to come directly from your campaign. That moment is where Perpetual Fortitude comes in.

We can disseminate your negative message in a way that allows your campaign to maintain enough distance to prevent a backlash. Using social media, websites, and other techniques, we can make sure the voters know what they need to know.

Before we go any further, let’s clear up some details. First, everything we do is absolutely 100% legal. No hacking or anything of the sort. We refuse to violate the law for any of our clients. However, we know how to navigate the system to allow for maximum effectiveness while staying on the right side of the line. We understand where legitimate campaigning ends and defamation begins, and we will always err on the side of caution to prevent liability.

Having said that, we also know how to drive your opponent completely bonkers. Maybe you want to hammer home an embarrassing gaffe or shift the conversation away from your own problems; we can design a program to get the job done. We can also narrow delivery of this content to targeted groups in order to maximize effectiveness and limit potential backlash.

We prefer a creative approach to negative messaging. We use social media-friendly content like memes and short parody videos to get people laughing, sharing, and most of all, talking about whatever message you need to send. Check out examples of our work below.

In some instances, you may want to have something prepped and ready to go if the opposition decides to go negative first. That way, when political bombs start to drop, your retaliatory strike is live within a matter of hours.

The biggest concern of most campaigns is ensuring at least the appearance of plausible deniability to maintain the perception of staying above the mudslinging. By working with Perpetual Fortitude, you get that firewall from public backlash, all while staying within the confines of the law.

All of our contracts for negative messaging services include additional non-disclosure language to protect the privacy of your campaign. We will NEVER divulge any information about the services we have performed or who we have performed them for. Your privacy is our highest priority in these sensitive areas, and we take extra precautions to ensure you are protected while staying within the confines of the law.

Call or text us now at 717-207-8870 or click the ‘contact us now’ button below. We will provide you with a free assessment of your needs, plus a straightforward plan of action that will make a difference without breaking your budget.

perpetual fortitude jesse white


Here is just one example from a page we love about a woman named Darlene Barni, who is running for Township Supervisor in Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. She is in the pocket of Range Resources, a local fracking company, and also has a propensity for wearing denim outfits with somewhat manly accessories. As a result, we did a couple of memes to drive those themes home in a fun but biting way:

(For the record, the Concerned Citizens Concerns About Darlene Barni Facebook page is being run by us at no cost because we have strong feelings about her lack of fitness for public office. It is in no way connected to or paid for by any candidate or political action committee.)

Below are a couple of quick videos we put together in that race just for fun. As you can see, this kind of content can be brutal while still quite funny, making it harder for the opposition to complain because it looks like they can’t take a joke.

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"If not us, who? If not now, when?"

- John F. Kennedy