Television is not a gimmick, and nobody will ever be elected to major office without presenting themselves well on it.

- Roger Ailes to Richard Nixon (1968)
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How a political campaign handles the media is more critical now than ever before for a multitude of reasons. Nothing can destroy months of hard work quicker than a bad news cycle, which means how your campaign reacts and responds can literally make or break your campaign.

At Perpetual Fortitude, members of our team have worked in newsrooms and understand how members of the media think. We’ve also been on the campaign side and understand how candidates and elected officials think. This collective experience gives us the institutional knowledge you need to handle a media storm, whether real or created by the opposition. In a moment of crisis, you need objective, well-reasoned counsel from people who have the experience to know what to say, how to say it, and when to keep your mouth shut.

Additionally, we understand the importance of earned media in a campaign and can help you build your brand and name recognition with positive mentions in your media market. As many local newspapers cut their printing down to just a couple of days per week, those column inches become a much more scarce and valuable resource. We know what kind of content will end up published and what will end up in the editor’s trash bin, so let us put our experience to work for you. From press releases to ghost-writing letters to the editor to drafting op/ed pieces, Perpetual Fortitude has you covered.

Finally, we can provide a crucial barrier between the candidate and the press by serving as a spokesperson for your campaign. Using a spokesperson not only gives your campaign a professional look but also eliminates the possibility of a reporter springing any surprise “gotcha” questions on you in hopes of scoring some cheap clickbait at your expense. With our media experience, we can talk directly to reporters to make sure they portray your campaign in the best possible light without involving the candidate. We’ll be the Bad Cop to ensure you stay the Good Cop.

Our services are available on a per-job basis (drafting a press release or statement) or as part of a broader campaign role.

Call or text us now at 717-207-8870 or click the ‘contact us now’ button below. We will provide you with a free assessment of your needs, plus a straightforward plan of action that will make a difference without breaking your budget.


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