When you control the mail, you control... information.

- Postal Carrier Newman
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Just about every campaign does direct mail of some sort, but that does not mean that all direct mail is created equal. Many direct mail firms and consultants try to force candidates into doing way too many pieces of mail, mainly because that’s how they make their money. At Perpetual Fortitude, we build our direct mail campaigns on four components:

Quality– If your mail pieces look like they were designed in Microsoft Paint by a team of kindergarten students, the candidate ends up looking foolish. Regrettably, it happens far more often than people think.

Volume– Sending out a piece of mail every other day for three weeks is going to blow your campaign budget out of the water and annoy voters. Conversely, you need to reach voters enough times to get your message through. We will put together a calendar that gets the job done without filling mailboxes with too many mailers.

Originality– This is where we shine. Unlike most direct mail firms, we don’t do generic, cookie-cutter mailers. We know the goal is for people to notice and actually read what you have to say, and we build our mail campaigns accordingly. Thinking outside the box is our default strategy, and we will work with you to find the perfect tone to deliver your message to voters in an engaging way.

Microtargeting– Some mail pieces are appropriate for your entire voting universe. But winning candidates know microtargeting can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. By engaging segments of your voters on the issues they specifically care about, you are forging a more personal connection that will yield much higher results. Microtargeting also reduces costs because you aren’t wasting precious resources by talking to the wrong people about the wrong issues.

At Perpetual Fortitude, we know how to build winning direct mail campaigns regardless of the size of the election or the size of the budget.

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