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Just a few short years ago, convincing a campaign to dedicate resources to digital ads was like pulling teeth. Now digital political advertising is a cornerstone of any winning campaign strategy.

Unfortunately, the concept of digital political advertising has fallen into the dreaded “buzzword zone.” Candidates, campaign staff, and consultants alike throw around the term “digital” without a real understanding of what it means and how it works.

Digital political advertising is the practice of using digital platforms for voter contact, outreach, and persuasion. With a never-ending list of digital platforms to choose from, identifying, and executing the best digital strategy for your campaign isn’t always easy.

Further complicating the equation are consultants and experts who feel the need to make the process overly complicated to justify outrageously high fees. A good example is the term “geofencing.” While geofencing can be a valuable tool in some circumstances, it can be counterproductive in others. But it sounds fancy, right?

At Perpetual Fortitude, we embrace the idea of keeping your digital political advertising as straightforward as possible. Because we know which methods work and which are a colossal waste of time and money, we’re willing to let the results speak for themselves.

A typical digital strategy is to replicate the television ad model by bombarding voters with online ads at the very end of the campaign. Our approach is very different. By building an audience of engaged voters in the weeks and months leading up to Election Day, we can help you create a network that will amplify your message organically. Our methods allow a campaign to reach more people for less money and keep that audience beyond Election Day for future engagement. When you hire Perpetual Fortitude to handle your digital political advertising, you will have something tangible to show for your investment when the campaign ends.

We understand digital political advertising, and we know how to build an online messaging operation that will blow your competition out of the water. The question you need to ask yourself is: do you want buzzwords, or do you want results?

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