Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealised, perfected image of themselves. As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character and no public trust.

- Richard Branson
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In this political climate, where a Super PAC can swoop in to blow your campaign out of the water overnight, establishing your own political brand is crucial. You want voters to look at you as not just a candidate, but someone they genuinely care about and want to succeed.

Although the distinction may seem minor, how voters perceive you will matter a great deal when the negative attack ads start. If they view you as “just another damn politician,” you’re in big trouble. One way to offset some of the potential negativity is smart political branding to define yourself properly as a candidate.

Political branding should begin with your logo. A crisp, clean logo that pops on your signs and literature can score you some easy points with voters. However, a poorly done design can turn voters off just as quickly.

And while design elements like colors and fonts matter, there are also practicality concerns to keep in mind. In the age of social media, a design that looks great on a yard could look terrible on your Facebook page due to the different design ratios each platform requires. Although seemingly simple, campaign logos and branding can be very tricky to get right.

At Perpetual Fortitude, we fully understand the importance of building a candidate’s brand, which is why we incorporate it into everything we do for our clients. We have thousands of design elements and fonts at our disposal to make sure the final product perfectly reflects who you are and what your campaign is all about. And we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

We use Adobe Creative Suite, the industry-leading software for design professionals, to ensure that your logo will look pixel-perfect regardless of the project. Let us help you unleash your creativity and give your campaign the personal stamp it deserves.

Our services are available on a per-job basis or as part of a broader campaign role.

Call or text us now at 717-207-8870 or click the ‘contact us now’ button below.We will provide you with a free assessment of your needs, plus a straightforward plan of action that will make a difference without breaking your budget.

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